Here are the most frequent asked questions we receive from our visitors.


Q:  How many times can I use the hack?

A: We did not put any limitation about using this cheat, but we recommend using no more than three times a day. We think that’s enough resources for each and every day.



Q: Does e-book comes together with the cheat and what’s in it?

A: Yes, e-book comes together with the cheat and the content in the e-book is general tips and tricks about Clash of Clans such as how to get dark elixir easily, how to never loose a battle or defense, and much, much more.



A: Do we risk our account with using this tool?

Q: Absolutely not. The tool is hosted on our servers, so you have nothing to worry about. In fact, there’s a 0% chances to get banned by game developers. Happy hacking!

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